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I'm not impressed, Khaos.
I'm not taking candy from strange people. I'm not dressing up for it either.

A jail cell.

How hilarious.

I'm taking a nap till this is over.

Don't bother me.

[Filter: Private]

The world has gone mad. With the way people react to losing power you'd think electricity was their life source. Odd. People lived without electricity for years. Not that difficult.

With their brains gone, no one can be trusted.

Especially not Bia.
My productivity and performance at work has increased. Got a raise.

Not minding this round of events at all.
A group of idiots tried to rob me last night. Old man, they called me. They laughed at me. Waved their guns in my face as though the thought of their youth combined with a gun was suppose to frighten me.

Uh huh.

Try again.

Jul. 6th, 2010

Well, I ate something and now feel full. Are we done with the Tantalus game now? How tragic.

Cronus would identify with Tantalus, wouldn't he? Cannibalistic bastard.
Just an FYI to family. Whatever you say during this will not be used against you. It takes the fun out of it if you are forced to confess.

The rest of you it's on a case by case basis. Depends on how much you've pissed me off in the past.

[Filter: Pseudo]

Have you heard from mom? She's more likely to respond to you than she is me.